2020 CSDA Board Secretary / Clerk Conference

dosty in hand

There are so many great ways for us to spend time together during the conference!

Attend one of our talks, stop by our booth, hop on a live zoom hangout with Sloane
(and her baby tortoise, Dosty), or enter the raffle to win fabulous prizes.

Scroll down to learn about what we'll be up to

October 26-28, 2020


Let's talk!

Sloane will be in her Zoom Room during most of the conference. Pop over and say hello, and you might get a chance to meet Dosty, her adopted baby Russian tortoise!

You can drop by to see a demo of any of our products, or just to hang out for a bit. 

Monday - Tuesday, just about any time. 
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Attend one of our talks:

First time attendees:
Tuesday, 10:15am - Noon
Online ADA compliance and transparency:
What Board Secretaries need to know

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Returning attendees:
Wednesday, 10:30am  - Noon
Live: How to lead just about any project - successfully

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Get all the talk resources here >

Win fabulous prizes

Enter our raffle and you can choose from some great prizes. We all need a little self care right now
(and a lot less Zoom, to be honest), and one of
these items might help!

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Enter the raffle:

Let's get chatty!

If you have questions, use the chat widget in the lower right and we'll do our best to answer them.

Note that we won't be available on Wednesday, since that's the day we give our live talk!

Check out our products

Did you know we're the only company that
builds online collaboration and communication tools just for special districts?

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